Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The Spirit of Blogging

Wow. I really thought I could remember what happened to me on Monday and Tuesday, but I honestly can't. I was planning on writing everything down later, like now, but for the life of me(if that's the expression), my mind draws a total blank when I try to recollect those two days. I didn't get an internet connection set up at home, that's for sure. What I do remember, vividly, is Wednesday morning...
I awoke at my usual time, one hour before my alarmclock goes off. Around seven. Too tired/lazy to get up already, I tried to either read or go back to sleep (again, my memory fails me). Whatever I was doing, it was going pretty well up until 7:15. There was a knock on the door. At first I didn't think it was my door, because: A. Who's gonna come knocking on my door? B. I wasn't used to how loud everything in my appartment sounds. C. Who's gonna come knocking on my door at this hour?!
I immediately dismissed the knocking and went back to my, now forgotten activity, when the real noise started. The knocking was pretty loud to begin with, it would probably be more appropriate to classify it as a mild banging, but now I started hearing loud thumps, and now I was pretty sure I was hearing them inside my house! Has someone, somehow magically gained acces to my appartment? Was it someone from the letting agency, the landlord? Whoever it was, it was going to get a stern screaming at, followed by a scared running away from. I dove out of bed, right into my pants, cartoon style, and dashed into the hallway. What the...
Garbage bags. Rolls of new garbage bags, with "property of the city counsil" printed on them, where pouring through my mailslot. I didn't bother to count them, but there must have been at least ten. I looked through my handy spyhole and watched as someone from the city, clad in a green, fluorescent vest was inserting an equally ridiculous amount of garbage bags into the mailslot of the apparment across the hallway. When he was done, he looked right at me, then left. I guess at least this saved me money on my yearly garbage bag spendings.
Later that night, me and two collegues, went to see "Blades of Glory", with Will Ferrel and John Heder or something, better known as Napoleon Dynamite. It was pretty funny. Just mindless fun.
I just remembered something that happened to me on Tuesday night. I was walking home and tried to take a shortcut. I took a wrong turn and ended up in a, in broad daylight, okay street, in broad nightlight, pretty scary street. A couple of shady characters watched me walk by and made some comments among themselves. Then one got up and started walking down the street behind me. He wasn't very close, but it was quite a coincidence that he got up, just as I walked by. When I turned a corner, so did he. Great. I picked up my pace and found the nearest main street. The guy disappeared. Quite a tense moment for me. Quite a boring read for you. And that's the spirit of blogging!

End of days 7, 8 and 9

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