Friday, 13 April 2007


Edinburgh, April 13th, 2007

Harr! If you don't know what it means, bare with me, we'll get to that. Yesterday night my phone's battery ran out. It was my only way of telling the time, as I do not have a watch. (That reminds me... I have to buy a watch!) I asked Cerrick (or Carrick, I can't remember), one of the friendly hostel Aussies, to give me a wake up call. He could only do this until seven in the morning, which is the time went to bed (he worked the night shift). This was fine with me, as I had to get up early anyway to move into my new appartment!
Of course I woke up long before Ce/arrick actually came in, but I'm glad I arranged the call anyway, because you can never be too sure. Of anything. Anyway, I got up as quietly as I could, so as not to wake up my roommates and packed up my things. With my heavy bag already over my shoulder, I gave my locker one last check to see if I had removed all of my belongings (I am an obsessive compulsive, for all of you who don't already know), but because I had to crouch down to do this, the heavy bag made me fall over, effectively waking up everybody in the room, and possibly in the entire hostel.
I checked out and carried all of my luggage over to the internet cafe where I planned to print out the, this time signed, reference Greg had sent me, to give it to the letting agent, who would give me the key to my new appartment. About respectively 1 mile and 3 hernias later, I made my way into the cafe, only to find out that the printing facilities wouldn't open up until 10, and my appointment at the letting agent was at 9. I had a quick breakfast and a nervous breakdown, and decided I would just ask the letting agent if I could download and print the reference at their office. After realigning yet another dozen of my vertabrae, I arrived at the agent. Printing the reference was no problem (even though at first they tried to set me up behind a computer with no keyboard) and a couple of very boring legal documents later, they handed me my keys! I went in, threw all of my stuff on the floor and even though I had run out of soap and shampoo, had the best shower ever.

Harr! Remember that? Good. On to other things.
I turned on the wall socket, to plug in my phone, so that I could once again be informed of the current time. I felt so clever when I bought those plug converters that I didn't even know they were meant to convert UK plugs to fit into European sockets, in stead of the other way around. Still unable to tell the time, I headed over to the studio.
When I got back outside, I noticed something different. For my entire stay in Edinburgh, the weather had been sunny, even hot lately. Now it was cold and the entire town was covered in fog. I thought it was just that, fog, but apparently the locals have a different name for it. Know what it's called? Guess. Come on! Guess! Well, alright. They call it *drumroll* ...Harr! It sounds less like a meteorological phenomenon and more like something a pirate would exclaim when finding buried treasure, but that's what it's called. Just my luck. The day I move in, the weather gets all harr-y.
After work, we went to the pub again. As I walked home, I realised I was happily walking in the exact opposite direction of where I was supposed to be going. We'll just blame that on the harr, ok?
I got home at about eleven and cooked my very first meal in my new home. I turned out it was an electric cooker, something I am quite unfamiliar with. It took a long time to warm up, but when it finally got going, it would cool down as quickly as a gas cooker would, so my food was nice and crispy. I selected a random object and called it a day(Ha! Genius! Seriously, what exactly is it your calling a day when you say that?). I fell asleep on my double bed with no matras cover, no sheet, a coverless single duvet and no pillows (Also, I had no pillow covers). I didn't care and slept like a big, hairy baby that could talk and walk upright without falling over. Except when squatting with a big heavy bag over its shoulder.

End of day 4

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