Saturday, 21 April 2007

Disobedient appendages

Friday started out as just a typical day. I was taking a shower, expecting this to be another boring day that I could write nothing about, when suddenly my left foot decided it had been on the bottom of my bathtub long enough and that it was time to explore higher altitudes.
I looked down at my raised foot and decided it had had its fun and that it was time for it to settle back into its previous position.
Before I could accomplish this task however, my right foot, the impressionable one of the two, decided it should follow its sibling's example and started to slowly slide forward. It was truly a morning of decisions. The shift in balance overruled my decision to end this nonsence once and for all and caused my upper body to arch backward and to keep my left foot right where it was. As I stood there, trying to keep my balance and foil my right foot's plan of escaping gravity, I realised how little objects there were around me to hang on to. My hands, who were still loyal to their master, clutched at both the mirror on my left side and the glass shower screen on my right side, but to no avail. My right foot shot forward with a loud "FREEDOM!" and I landed right on my right knee, elbow and shoulder. I lay in the tub for a while, with the water still beating down on me. I eventually got up and assessed the damage. Apart from some severe pain, it seemed my body was sturdier than I had previously thought, no bruises were to be seen. In one final, vengeful decision, I decided to punish my feet by strapping them in wool and leather and stepping on them all day. That should teach them.
Nevertheless, I was quite nervous, standing in the shower this morning. That's why I went out and bought one of those mats today, that prevent slippage. The revolution of disobedient appendages ends tomorrow!

End of days 11 & 12


Anja said...

Haha, geweldig geschreven :) Je hebt het bloggen al aardig onder de knie; het in zo veel mogelijk woorden zo min mogelijk vertellen gaat je af als geen ander.. Hoop dat je onderdanen voortaan weer gehoorzaam zullen zijn, en vergeet niet af en toe eens onder je anti-slip-mat schoon te maken ter voorkoming van allerhande wildgroei :)


Emma said...

Marcel you really need to take control of your feet. That anti-slip mat will help I'm sure, but most importantly self control is what you'll need to conquer this problem. Haha!

I'm glad things are working out for you in Edinburgh, sounds like you're nearly settled in to your new apartment. I will come back to Scotland at some point to visit, but have run out of money so need to make enough to travel again. Decided on Dublin as my new temporary home, so if you ever happen to be passing through...

Marcel said...

Hey bedankt Anja. Hoewel ik het niet per se met bloggen asocier(Ik kan op deze toetsenborden geen trema schrijven!), is het in zo veel mogelijk woorden vertellen van zo weinig mogelijk altijd al een(Accent aigu is hier ook al onmogelijk) van mijn specialiteiten geweest. Zoals m'n moeder altijd zei: "Je praat veel, maar je zegt niks!"

Hey Emma, how's it goin'? Dublin eh? Alright! I have no plans of going there right now(busy!), but you never know. Hang tight, keep it real and go in peace!