Thursday, 19 April 2007

The Spirit of Blogging 2: Judgement Day

Today nothing of interest happened. I got up, went to work, now I'm here, writing about it. Just trying to decide on what to eat tonight, just like every other guy out there. This emoticon I just came up with, kinda looks like a happy caveman. @¬:) If you cock your head to the right side that is. I've been seeing a lot of moths around my place lately. I need some new clothes anyway. I don't even have a kilt yet! Though those seem to be pretty expensive. Uh-oh, I ran out of important things to say. This might just transform into a real blog! No! Maybe if I can get my internet connection up, I could post some cool pictures or drawings(Of my own, not of the film! Go see it in a theatre near you!).
I brought my brand new Avenue Q (that my lovely sister Marjolijn gave me! Thanks Mar!) mug to work. Now I can drink tea in style. Though the phrase "It sucks to be me!!" that's printed on it, doesn't really help my self esteem. I've actually already dropped it (I swear it was an accident!), but the floor broke it's fall. And on top of that floor is a nice, soft carpet, so the mug is still in one peace. Don't worry about the mug. Don't go setting up petitions against mugmistreatment, it's fine. It's between me and him. This is getting silly. I'm gonna stop now, but I promise to return with a good story soon! I mean, the last post wasn't that bad, was it? As we say in Holland, it can't be a party each day. We say it in Dutch though, just in case you were confused.
And if you don't like this post, you can always leave a comment if you want, because I like reading what you have to say too. Ok, bye.

End of day 10


Whatshisname said...

Hi Marcel,
Sorry to hear you dropped your mug! A sad day and I share in your grief - indeed, it sucks to be you. (But only for now!)
Take heart in the thought that there will be other days in which mugs are not dropped at all!

Marcel said...

Aye, we can only hope...
At least it wasn't so bad that I had to have my mug shot.
Get it? Mug-shot? Never mind.