Saturday, 14 April 2007

Home Sweet Home

Edinburgh, April 14th, 2007

I awoke in my new bed, greeted by the morning sun. My phone still had no power, but down the street, I heard the chiming of the church's clocktower. If only I had bothered to count the number of chimes. I got up and went outside. Today I would go on a shopping spree, buying everything a good home needs. I checked the time on the digital clock in the back of the Chinese restaurant next door (it was only later that day that I realised I could just look at the giant clock on the church tower). 8:30, not bad. I got some groceries and went down to princess street to purchase the correct converter I needed for my European plugs. Then I went looking for stuff to make my bed. Watching American cartoons and movies can only teach you so much English, and they hardly ever talk about fitted sheets and duvets in those stories do they? Ah well, at least now I learned a couple of new words. I drove the nice saleswoman nuts, trying to find the things I needed, but I got them anyway, so now my bed is fully equipped and ready to... just stand there and wait for me to sleep in it.
I also bought a laptop! Yay! Now if only I could get an internet connection set up so would have to sit here at this stupid internetcafe. Why, yes! I'm still at easyinternetcafe! The easiest way to go online and spend all of your money! I've already looked online and found some great offers from several providers, but they keep asking me for my phone number. I don't have a phone number! I couldn't find it in the huge stack of documents I got from the letting agent and I can't find any information online about how to register a phone number. I do know I have a phone line, because I actually had to sign a document that declared I would not cut the phone line. Like I would do that. "Gee, I'd love to try out this new pair of scissors I bought, but what to cut? What to cut... Oh, I know! The phone line!" If anyone can tell me what I should do to get a telephone number by the way, you can leave a comment if you want. I'm just no good at these things.
Anyway, I like my laptop. It's nice, came with Windows Vista, which looks nice, but is hardly compatible with anything I soon learned, and it enabled me to watch Pan's Labyrinth, which I got from Natasja and Jordy when I left Holland. Great flick, beautiful stuff, highly recommend it. Thanks guys!
And thanks to my trusty new converter my phone is fully charged and ready to... wait in my pocket until I either want to make a call, am called, or just want to see what time it is.
Nothing much noteworthy really happened today. Maybe I'll think of some stuff later, but I also just wrote the previous post which goes on forever, so maybe it'd be a good idea to keep this one short. For now.

End of day 5

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